sobota 1. října 2011

Book review: Washington: A Legacy of Leadership

This book written by Paul Vickery and Stephen Mansfield is the first one I have got from the site I can say now, that I am really happy for this choice. The book leads us through the life of one of the greatest man who ever lived. Everybody knows the name of the first American president, but this book offers us a great insight to his life beyond the well known facts.
It shows the whole path of his life, all of his succeses and failures, which led him to a great character, skills and integrity. It is spiced with quotations from his journal, letters and speeches, where we can see his great respect for others, despite his choleric nature.
Majority of the book describes his war experience, his struggles with an army made out of people who had never fought before, lack of supplies and money, but his constant searching for God's will and Providence. Authors always show us not only the facts, but also the feelings and stories behind the curtain. It shows us, how he learned from his mistakes, took great leadership steps, but sometimes had great difficulties, was frustrated and self-doubting.
Final chapter called "Legacy" summarizes all the impression about this great man, with which the reader can easily identify and connect all the circumstances into one whole personality.
Very well written, sometimes even stirring and thrilling, especially in the battles, and showing us great image of great man, I recommend it to anyone, who wants to be inspired by this extraordinary leader.