úterý 21. února 2012

Book review: I Am Second

The book called I Am Second is a collection of many different life stories. As its subtitle says, there are many situations, but always one great solution. I chose to read this book, because I like people’s stories. Since I once visited the web page of this project, www.iamsecond.com, and have seen couple of videos, I had known it would be an extraordinary experience.

There are literally tens and hundreds people who testified into this project and made a video placed on the web page. So the authors who chose stories for the printed book had pretty tough work, to pick only the best ones, and I have to say they did it very well. The chosen stories cover huge range of topics and very nicely changes between celebrities and well known people, such as Michael W. Smith or the hip-hop star Lecrae, and very real ordinary people dealing with very common problems like drugs, alcohol, overweight, pornography, relationships and also some rare and special ones as handling losses of soldiers under your command in war.

I must admit that not every story was really interesting. Some of them were just like “he was born, he felt bad and then accepted Christ and felt good”, but they are in minority. At first I was afraid, that the book will be sort of video transcription, but it was just plain fear. Stories are usually well written, not bothering with all the boring details, trying to show us all the emotions and feelings that the people felt and that led them to the ONE, who is first in their lives, therefore, they are second.