neděle 13. července 2014

When I don't believe

First of all, I must say I was raised as a christian, I like most of the christian teaching and principles, and I would love to call myself devouted Christian, since my favourite people right now are all like that. But I am not. My child faith is gone and to actually really believe in something like a supernatural god is a pretty hard work. And even though I read this article by Michael Gungor for the first time about a year ago already, it sums up my attitude with christian faith I still have at this moment. I can't force myself believe something I don't believe, but there are some cheats I could use to keep on track, that are mentioned in the article. I really liked them, so I thought it would be cool to just copy them here:

God is AT LEAST the natural forces that created and sustain the Universe as experienced via a psychosocial construct rooted in evolved neurologic features in humans. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition for God, the pursuit of this personal, subjective experience can provide meaning, peace and empathy for others and is warranted.

Prayer is AT LEAST a form of mediation that encourages the development of healthy brain tissue, lowers stress and can connect us to God. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition of prayer, the health and psychological benefits of prayer justify the discipline.

The Bible is AT LEAST a set of writings where a people group describes their experience with and understanding of God over thousands of years. EVEN IF that is a comprehensive definition of God, study of scripture is warranted to understand our culture and the way in which people come to know God.

Jesus is AT LEAST the idea of a man so connected to God that he was called the Son of God and the largest religious movement in human history is centered around his teachings; he was very likely a real person. EVEN IF this is all Jesus is, following his teachings can promote peace, empathy, and genuine morality.

If you liked that, I recommend you to read that article by Michael Gungor. He is my favourite christian musician, and I can really relate to his way of thinking. I guess I'm not the only one.

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